November 19, 2019

Casper and Mees - such good dogs, so deserving of a forever home.


                         Casper (formerly Isidor)              &           Mees (formerly Cafelito)

These two darling boys have had to deal with many changes in their lives and would love now to just settle down calmly in a new forever home. To the same family if possible, but to different families if necessary. They were adopted from ACE together as puppies. And it all went well for some time. But things change, things that are outside the control of either people or dogs. Their boss found himself alone and he also needed to be away for hours at a time for work. The two dogs were well cared for, fed and loved. But they had to spend long long hours all alone. And that wasn't good for them. 

The decision was taken to find them a foster home, where they would at least have companionship during the day. They have now been there for several months. Casper's foster mum says that he is housebroken and familiar with a crate. He walks nicely on a lead and can walk off lead where appropriate and safe. He likes that very much. Casper is very smart - he can miraculously open doors and steal food!!! He is good with children and is fine with other dogs, as long as he gets respect and can be the leader. He enjoys company and, not surprisingly, doesn't like to be alone. He has some fear of abandonment but we are working on it. Casper is 8 years old, nearly 9. 

Mees is nearly 8. Not old at all. Both are lively and young at heart. Mees is a sturdy boy who could perhaps lose a bit of weight. He looks a bit like a brown Labrador. He is tough and sometimes a little dominant, especially towards other males. He absolutely loves swimming and can go wild in the forest. He is perhaps a bit too robust for small children but has no problem at all with teenagers. He doesn't like riding in the car too much and we don't know how he is with cats. But if you are looking for a sturdy, loyal companion who is used to living as a family pet, please take a look at Mees.

Both dogs are longing to be part of a family again, where they will be loved and petted, where they can be active and go for walks and chase after a ball. Whether they stay together or go to different families both dogs deserve a break and a new life. Are you the one to make their dreams come true?

For more information about Mees, please click here.
For more information about Casper, please click here

Smiling Mees

Clever Casper

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