November 23, 2019

Why would anyone abandon such a dear soul ....

Out in the campo, Celia, yet another Podenco mother lying abandoned, unwanted and unseen. She became pregnant unintentionally and nature took it's course. More unwanted puppies, unwanted by humans but not by their mum. 

A scared and insecure dog, due to the person who abandoned her so cruel. It wasn't easy to catch her but eventually we managed. And now she is with us in the Refugio, together with her little ones. 

In the first few days she literally peed herself out of fear, but is she getting better and better day by day. Her fear has gradually subsided so that now she will give grateful kisses and is calmer and more relaxed because she knows it is all alright now. 

Her little ones are so well cared for and loved by her. So many unknown ones, have to suffer in this cruel world. This sweet, gentle Podenco was lucky. ... It is now up to us to help this family find happiness for the rest of their lives. 

For more information about Celia, please click here. 

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