November 17, 2019

Turco: love and dedication

Not all the animals we rescue come in to the Refugio for rehoming. Sometimes if dogs, and cats too, are in a relatively safe area our wonderful volunteers visit them regularly, keep an eye on them and feed them.  If possible, they will trap them, castrate or sterilise them and return them to their area. It is not always a kindness to take an animal away from their familiar places. Some have been alone for too long, are happier with others of their kind and too fearful of humans to be rehomed.

As he came in to us

However, while watching over them in this way, situations arise where we positively have to intervene. This was the case with Turko. A few weeks ago Vivien brought him in because he had a horrible, festering wound on his leg. It was so bad it looked as if the leg would have to be amputated, and that would have seriously affected his ability to continue living outside in his village as he had before.

Fantastic work by our vets. 

But thanks to the marvellous care of our wonderful vets, Wayne and Javi, the leg is improving. Although it looked so hopeless, they decided to do everything they could to get it to heal before taking the difficult decision to amputate. And thanks to them, it worked. Today he is almost healthy again with 4 legs! Once again we are strong together! More news about Turko will follow on the Blog as he progresses. Thanks to everyone involved in this happy story. 

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