December 07, 2019

Sufrio : Fabienne's Dog of the Week

Sufrio was once adopted by a very sweet lady. When, sadly, she became very ill she left her entire fortune to people who would take care of her dogs when she was gone. But as so often happens, far too much went wrong. Instead of being cherished after the death of their owner, her dogs ended up living in cages behind the killing station. They were looked after, but no more. No walks, no hugs, only seeing people when the cages were cleaned but then left alone. This went on for years.  How these dogs must have missed their owner.

Finally we were asked if we would take some of this lady's suffering dogs. Sufrio had long forgotten what love was, and what life was with people surrounding him and loving him. However, Sufrio came to us with a pinched penis. The blood supply had been cut off, causing the penis to die. Our vet tried to save what could still be saved, but eventually the penis had to be amputated. It was a major emergency operation which required a lot of reconstructive surgery. A tube was inserted until the wound healed. Sufrio has had a long recovery, he has had to learn to pee like a female, but he has endured everything well!

Thanks to the good care of our veterinarians and caretakers, he got through it, ... He is also a very gentle, good soul who would like to be happy and we would like to see to that. He deserves it, a kind forever home with someone who will help him forget his sad past and let him know he is loved and cherished again.

For more information about lovely, gentle Sufrio - please click here

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