January 25, 2020


Please! Why not me?

Why do some dogs find their forever homes so quickly, and others don't? Why do some sweet souls remain, seeing their friends, siblings, mums, companions get chosen, and yet they stay with us. How must it feel when your friend is taken from the cage he or she has shared with you and gets washed and brushed and put in the big cage by the gate. The cage that means 'I'm going home. And then the van, the journey, the airport, the plane ... and finally home! Forever!

Of course those that stay behind know nothing of the journey, though they know their companion is no longer beside them in the cage. When they run through the Refugio to go up to the big field they will pass the big cage by the gate. And see their friend. Probably for the last time.

Why do some get chosen? Sometimes it's obvious - the pretty puppies for instance. But not all puppies in a litter get chosen. Often one or two remain. Sometimes for a long time, getting bigger, becoming dogs, no longer a cuddly puppy so with less chance of being chosen.

They all have had difficult lives, traumas and sad stories to tell. When we know their history, that can make a difference. When generous adopters know how a dog has suffered it will tug at their hearts. And rightly so. But we don't always know the story, the history, what an individual dog has had to go through. Though there's no doubt they will have suffered. But they can't speak so we can't tell their story.

At ACE we take in every sort of dog, in every condition. They all deserve a chance, every single one of them. Old dogs, young dogs, little and big dogs. Healthy and sick. Blind and lame. Deaf and damaged. We take them all. And many of them find forever homes.

The ones I worry about are the 'ordinary' ones. The gentle sweeties who don't stand out. They are not specially handsome. They are not cute. They may have a slightly funny shape, or short little legs. Or just simply not be noticeable. Just ordinary. Just beautiful in their own way.  So here are some of them. We call them the 'long stayers'.

For more information on all these dogs, please click on their names.

This beautiful Podenco boy has been with us for five years. He's already seven. He badly needs a home of his own. We think he's waited long enough, the sweet patient boy.

Sweet Jolie is in foster care in Belgium where you can visit her. She's been with ACE since she was a tiny puppy, all her five and a half years. Isn't it time her home was forever?

A special character, Dominique just needs a patient owner and to be loved. She was found on the streets six years ago when not much more than a puppy. She's in foster care in Belgium.


Adorable Rio. This gentle, affectionate fatty survived a terrible attack, thanks to our vet who found him. With us for five years he now needs a loving owner who will help him get his figure back!

Lala is six and has been with us for nearly five years. Currently in foster care in Belgium, this pretty Pero de Agua is six and is longing for the day she will be in her forever home. 

Scooby has also been with us for nearly five years, Most of his six and a half years. He's just the sort of dog who get's ignored. Which is so unfair as this dear chap deserves so much better. 

This little Bodeguero is with our foster mum Isabelleke near the Refugio. He nearly ten years old, a real cuddle bug, loves people and while OK with the pack he needs more calm in his older years.

Please consider these 'left behind' souls. They are all good dogs and deserve to be loved. They will love you back a thousand fold. Forever. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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