January 09, 2020

Our Piet Hein - who would have thought it. So beautiful!

A little note about Piet Hein: He was the 'forgotten' dog in the killing station. He managed to keep alive by hiding away in a corner each time the day came for the euthanasia. He managed to do this three times before he came to the Refugio.  But his timidity was such that even with us he didn't want attention. He didn't know what love was. We kept him in the clinic to try to get him to eat and heal. Such a sweet, fragile little thing. 

And then his luck changed. He was adopted. This is what his owner says: 

First, happy new year to you and all your loved ones. 

All my kids give me love, balance and of course, complete loyalty ... What would I do without them, ..... and probably ... what would they have become without me ... 😉

Piet has a big (very big) heart murmur, probably due to the suffering he's endued. He is under treatment. However, he is fine, he now weighs 10 kilos, and goes out for a little bit every day.
Only downside: he is anxious when I'm away, but when I return, what a reunion each time!

Kisses to the whole team!

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