January 29, 2020

FLAIR Magazine is looking for readers who adopted their pets from a shelter ...

Flair is looking for rescue stories - for example did you choose a dog who had been in a shelter for years. A dog no one else wanted? Or a cat?

If you have a rescue pet you can put him or her - and SHIN - in the spotlight by sending an email to Flair!

Put your rescue dog (and also SHIN) in the spotlight and send an email to sandie.stroobants@flair.be.

"Did you adopt an adult cat from the shelter instead of opting for a kitten or did you take a dog home that had been in an animal shelter for many years? If so we would like to put your story in the spotlight on our website.

Our shelters are overcrowded, but many people who want to adopt an animal take home a kitten or a puppy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but a lot of dogs and cats are waiting in animal shelters for a golden basket. Did you perhaps adopt a slightly older cat even though you knew she no longer had a long life to live or were you determined to give that one dog who has lived in the shelter for years a second chance?

Or maybe there is another beautiful story or special reason behind your adoption story? Send an email with a short description of your story and a photo of you and your pet to sandie.stroobants@flair.be. Who knows your story could soon be on Flair.

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