January 20, 2020

Baza and Cala: two abandoned soulmates who deserve the best life from now on

Cala and Baza, two soul mates, mother and daughter, or sisters, or? We will never know. They are always together so they can be strong together, because they support each other. They were noticed at a gathering where there was a meeting taking place for some organisation or other. When someone left their car door open, these two sweeties just hopped on board where they nestled  together in the back seat. 

Thus they ended up with us. They are two very nice rascals, very cheerful, friendly, cordial and cuddly. They have certainly been used to have a home, at some point. But when they came in they were dirty and full of vermin. This is all over now and they are waiting anxiously for that one owner. .. We'd love to get them adopted together. That is their big wish - and ours. That they should stay together. 

For more information on these two darlings, please click on their names ...

Baza  (with a tan and white face) and Cala (with a black, tan and white face)


                           Baza                                                                           Cala

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