January 18, 2020

At last ... a new computer!

The new MacBook Air is now functioning, thanks to the great people at the Apple Store.There may be some teething problems, but so far so good. 

Now, at last, when I click on a site I don't have to wait so long that I have time to go downstairs and make a cup of tea and walk Teddy the dog before the wretched thing downloads!!! The same with transferring photos and even typing - even that sometimes took an age on my old MacBook Pro. Tho to be fair it was over 10 years old. So a replacement was way overdue!

So, give me a day or so and I hope to be posting on a regular basis. Once I figure out how to download videos it will be even better. 

So thank you everyone who reads the blog for your patience for these long months.

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