September 11, 2020

Thyra went to Hodes (animal orthopedics)

Thursday 10 September 2020

Message from Ineke

Last Tuesday we went to Hodes with Thyra to have a brace fitted.

She's walking worse and worse and I knew Hodes from our adventure with Lizzy and so knew what this company was doing. After consultation with the orthopedist, it seemed to us the only thing we could do to support her leg to make it hurt less.

As you can see, there is a pellet there and the ulna is partially broken, so you will understand that this is a painful condition.

On the way (we had a drive of 2 hours) we stopped to let her walk about and we had a cup of coffee. Thyra stands up almost constantly in the car so my friend Truida sat with her in the back of the car to hold on to Thyra when I had to brake or take a corner.

When we arrived at Hodes, we made a plaster cast of her leg outside in the fresh air (this because of Corona) and after some insistence she did very well.

Then we were able to go back home. Thyra was tired so now and then she lay down with Truida.

In 3 weeks we will do the same trip again and we hope for a good result so that Thyra can go outside every day for a walk!

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