September 15, 2020

Tibby ....

 Monday, September 14, 2020

We got Tibby on May 26th. We were in love from the first moment. She is so sweet and you just notice that her character did not suffer that year that she lived on the street and in the shelter.

She lets everyone pet her and loves it when you chase her. She is very quiet at home, where she will lie down in the sun or in her basket.

Unfortunately, we soon found out that she was a bit sick. She had diarrhea and was itching a lot. The first thing we thought of was leishmania. After some examinations at the vet we found out that she had a parasite that luckily was easy to treat. Then the diarrhea was gone. The cause of the itching was quite a search. For this she got a test syringe, which helps many dogs against the itching and this was also the solution for Tibby. Unfortunately, this means that she has to get a shot at the vet once every 1 to 2 months, but then the itching has completely gone.

We soon started a training course with Tibby. Because Tibby is so social towards other dogs (because she has been in a shelter with many dogs) she only wants to play with the other dogs on the course. This results in her doing nothing at all on the course, but we secretly find that very funny. 

At home she does all the exercises without any effort. She waits neatly at the edge of the sidewalk until we cross and knows the basic commands such as sit, down, paw, touch, here, stay and wait. Because she quickly mastered those commands, we carefully let her walk a little way without a lead a month ago and that went great! You see that she really enjoys this, because she remains a pointer who needs to work off her energy. Now she can walk in the woods without a leash, which is nice for us, because sometimes she can still pull on the leash, but we are now teaching her that too.

We are really happy with Tibby!

She is and remains the most beautiful dog in the world with a crazy tail.

She has completely found her place with us.

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