September 15, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Limit and Lolo

 Monday, September 14, 2020




These two dogs were happy for many years in a good home, with an owner who was crazy about her dogs. But life was heading in a direction she never expected. She had to go to a home, and her children and family wanted help to take care of her most precious possession, her dogs, so they had to go to the killing station.

Her heart broke but she had to watch helplessly at how cruel and ungrateful people can be. When the woman called us and told us the story, we immediately went to get these two sweethearts. Both are quiet, good dogs. It goes without saying that they are pining in a cage despite the fact that we do everything we can to spoil them a bit. But a refugio is not a warm home, and the loss of their beloved owner makes a difference. They are suffering deeply.  Our dogs also have feelings, more than you might think. You can see from their faces how hard all this is on those little ones.

They can be placed separately, but they have to leave the Refugio at the same time so that neither of them is left behind, they have already suffered enough. Who can save them, love them, pamper them and that for the rest of their lives?

For more information about these two sweet ones, please click on their names above their photos.

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