September 16, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Horus, faithful unto death ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Horus was the Siamese of an elderly lady, they had been an inseparable duo for several years,. Until the female broke her hip and ended up in a situation that she couldn't change.  She could no longer take are of Horus and gave him to a friend who lived 30 km from their home. Horus was upset and didn't understand, but he was gone and their lives were each going in a different direction.

However,... A few weeks after Horus was placed with her friend, the lady heard a thumping in her kitchen and Horus suddenly jumped back into her arms ... He had walked all the way back home, 30 km away. Their reunion was intense, full of friendship and love, and so Horus was allowed to stay for a while. But now, a few months later, the female still has to go to a home and she cannot take her Horus with her,.

We couldn't resist his story and his faithfulness and he's currently staying with a foster family. He lives with them in an apartment, and gets to know other cats and dogs. He is more than affectionate and sweet like a real Siamese. We are looking for an owner who can keep him indoors. He will also stick to him or to  her, but that takes time.  First Horus will have to find another owner to build a bond for life together, faithful cat that he is. 

For more information about Horus, please click on his name.

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