September 10, 2020


It's always wonderful to see our lovely doggies going off to their new homes - new life, new cuddles, new families - home and safe at last. I have to confess that I take a very special joy when I find one of the 'long stayers' on the reservation or adopted list. These are the dogs that for no fault of their own have stayed with us longer than usual and watched their friends go off happily to their new lives. Sometimes it's because they were shy and timid and so not ready, some because they were not pretty puppies. Whatever the reason, when finally someone sees how special they are, it's a very moving and joyful moment.

So today I can see that some of my special darlings, whom I have featured on this blog, are at last to go to their forever homes. Rio and Rory (whom I remember so well from my last visit) are in pre-reservation and the dear little soulmates - Cala and Baza - are in foster care in the Netherlands, from where we hope someone will fall in love with them. Good luck to all you sweet ones.





                                    Cala                                                                     Basa

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