September 08, 2020

In memoriam Roonie, our little friend.

Monday 7 September 2020

Died July 23 at the age of 6.

For a lovely tribute to Roonie, please click on his name.

November 5, 2018 Roonie came to live with us. Like many other dogs, this treasure was abandoned and languished with you. Fearful, submissive and calm was Roonie (we were told). We already had our big teddy bear Nieblo and needed to know if they would be OK together.

And that went fantastically. What a beautiful couple they were. We have not noticed anything of the submissive and quiet for 20 months. Every day was a party for Roonie and for us. Highlight of the day: throwing a ball. Then he would tap dance, a primal cry came out and he happily skipped to the park. Nieblo lay down and kept an eye on things (making sure that no other dog would take his ball).

Nieblo always got attention because of his size, but Roonie threw out everything, visitors were treated with toys and otherwise he stood next to his big brother who always protected him.

But all of a sudden it didn't go well with Roonie. He had less energy and ate little. The vet thought it was pancreatitis but after the ultrasound it turned out that our little friend had fluid in his heart. They did everything for us to save him, but unfortunately, it was over. We could say goodbye before he let go of his last sigh.

We are devastated, what a pleasure that little man brought into the house and it was also a great loss for Nieblo. Every day Nieblo wants to walk to the field and then we stare at the field. No dog running after a ball, there we are looking at each other, we give Nieblo a big hug and crying we continue walking.

Of course we know that he had a wonderful life with us, literally got the most out of it and enjoyed it to the fullest. But we would have liked to enjoy him even longer, instead of 20 months.

Bye, bye, dear Roonie, little friend of ours.

Eric, Sandy and Nieblo

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