September 02, 2020

In memoriam Lobke

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Our Lobke (ACE Adela 11174) arrived at Christmas 2015. She had one backpack (she was the victim of illegal breeding). She turned 13 years old !!We hadn't expected it after all of her health problems. What a strong lady she was, she always conquered everything.

Even after the thrombosis in June, after three weeks of paralysis, she wanted to quietly continue her life again, but her body was gone and she has quietly left for the stars.

The beautiful years remain in our memory, she was able to meet Akira (June 2020) and she always gave her licks. We are happy that we gave an older dog the chance to discover the world in her golden basket.

Loppemie we miss you xxx
Marc and Martine and the dogs Shelsae, Akira

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