September 12, 2020

Fabienne's diary: Terrain dogs without any future ...

September 11, 2020
We were alarmed to hear that there was a large family of dogs living on a property, completely neglected and un-neutered, all smothered in vermin, ticks and fleas. Little puppies died of deprivation, others survived and tried to stay alive, thin and malnourished as they were. It was a terrible place and the life these dogs had to lead was not fit for any animal.

Consultations took place between various rescue centres, but in the end there were only a few who wanted to help.  So 6 of the dogs came to us: Esperanza, Luiza, Ramona, Joaquin, Padre, Madre and their two surviving puppies, Lightfoot and Darkfoot, who are now all safe.

All are very friendly and people-oriented dogs, they cannot show their gratitude often enough. They look like Boxer crosses but they could also have some Herder. The fact is that they have good and sweet characters, are social and good, but above all grateful.

Who gives these sweet dogs a wonderful life, they would be immeasurably grateful to you !! The puppies are already reserved, which is great news. So now who will give all their love to one of the others.

To see the video, please click here. For more information about each individual dog, please click on their names under their photograph. 


Esperanza                                                                    Luiza


Ramona                                                                      Joaquin


Padre                                                                        Madre


Lightfoot                                                                  Darkfoot

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