September 07, 2020

Fabienne's Diary. Our old Maria would just like to have a loving home

Monday 7 September 2020

Our Maria is a Chow with a special character.  Sweet and grateful like no one else. She was once left in a killing station by an owner who thought she would end up better there after she was used endlessly for breeding. Then there she fell into the hands of a sickly woman, who in turn neglected her and kept her on a deserted site, where she could not get a drop of water at 35 degrees, and her fur was a big burden. A large-scale action ensured and we managed to save her in the end.

Here we have got to know her as a sweet soft cuddly toy, a sweetheart who experienced way too much sorrow and misery in her life. Now she is 10, and only now she is going to get to know happiness and be pampered somewhere. Who will give this sweet bear a wonderful old age?

For more information about sweet Maria, please click on her name.

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