September 11, 2020

Fabienne's diary: Moepilla and Moize were thrown out of a moving car!

Thursday 10 September 2020

                                  Moize                                                            Moepilla            

The neighbor of one of our volunteers saw a car pass at her door at a tremendous speed. Before she realised what was happening she suddenly saw two dogs rolling over in the road.  One on one side and the other to the other side, howling and crying with fear.  The car had disappeared out of sight for a long time, just a speck on the horizon. This happens often, she said, when hunters want to get rid of their underperforming hunting dogs.

When the neighbours went to see, the poor bugs ran away, running as fast as they could, their legs injured and full of blood. The next days they stayed in the neighborhood, not knowing where else to go. Because the neighbours put out drinks and food, they came to drink in this heat of almost 40 degrees.

One day they happened to walk in with the neighbor after following the dog of the house. At first they were very scared, but gradually this fear turned into sweet licks and grateful paws. These two sweethearts are up for adoption today, they are two treasures, very social and sweet with people and animals. They are beautiful guys who with a good and healthy upbringing will become great family heroes ! They are playful and funny, have beautiful loyal eyes and want to be with someone so badly, they'll be loyal unto death.

For more information about these two loyal sweethearts, please click on their names (under the photos)

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