October 03, 2018

Only three months in prison for starving a dog, in Almeria

A man in Almería has been given only three months in prison because of the death by hunger of his dog who, in addition, was forced to survive for some time by eating the remains of another dog. The convicted man will be imprisoned and may not come into contact with animals for 12 months.
The man in question has received the highest prison sentence available for animal abuse according to Spanish law, in this case three months. The decision to give the highest penalty was taken by the judge in Almería because the man had not given his two dogs food for a long time.

One of these Yorkshire terrier dogs died due to lack of food and general poor health while the other dog was forced to eat parts of the dead dog's body to survive. The second dog did not survive either.
For many, this punishment will not be enough for this animal trafficker, but the judge can only give the punishment as stated in Article 337 of the Spanish criminal record, namely three months and one day.

The dogs died in 2013 and it took no less than 5 years before the man could be sentenced. The dog who died last had symptoms of severe dehydration, cachexia and ataxia and was generally in a very bad condition.At that time the dog was taken alive from the apartment but died 48 hours later at a shelter.

Written by Remco Stoffer on behalf of SpainSites.nl.

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