October 18, 2018

Fabienne's Diary: Biffy - from owner to owner then the death station, and for no reason.

Biffy was another dog who had belonged to the Protectora that was closed, and so he ended up at the killing station. When he was checked, it turned out that Biffy had a chip, so it was scanned to find out who owned him, that turned out to be an English family, who had already returned to England two years earlier.

When we informed them of their dog's situation, they were shocked. They had given Biffy to the neighbours when they left, because they thought he would have a happy life there ... But at around that time Biffy was thrown over the wall at that Protectora, by someone who drove away with shrieking tires. When contact was sought with their old neighbors, they let them know that they wanted nothing to do with the dog and that he would have to go to his English owners. But these did not want to undertake the costs involved to reunite them with their dear four-legged friend.

Biffy, always the victim of an irresponsible owner. He himself is a born optimist and his tail is working overtime every day. He's a grateful and good dog that deserves better than to be treated that way. He is a social and child-friendly cheerful sweetheart, a cozy gabber, with lots of cuddly toys for you, every day!

For more information about dear Biffy, click here

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