October 18, 2018

In memoriam Laika.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

At her favorite spot in front of the sofa.

8 years ago we picked you up from Belgium from Patrick and Nancy.

You had flown to Belgium as a puppy and you lived there for 4 years in a family that we could tell was good to you, you were not a fearful dog but just cozy and friendly and you understood us so well, half a word was enough. You had to leave because of family circumstances, I think your boss had tears in her eyes.

We were crazy about you, you were such a happy dog. You fit in with our Bono (ACE Blondie) and also you had no problem.with the dogs that came to us later  A few years ago you started to become skinny and after research at the vet and later the internist we found out that you had hepatitis. With medication we have been able to keep you on your feet for a long time but in the last six months you started eating less and even though you seemed to be fine from the outside because of your woolly coat, when you were touched we felt your ribs and so on. I prepared everything for you, to get you to eat but it became increasingly difficult.

Yesterday I made the difficult decision to put you to sleep. Our dear vet Ingrid was free so I made the appointment for so that she could put you to sleep at home and this afternoon at a quarter to 5 you let out your last sigh.

I will miss you and always keep a special place in my heart for you.

Rest softly sweetheart.

Ineke and the dogs Lizzy, Mafalda, Henkie, Byron, Ukkie, Tina, Rosali and Boy

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