October 03, 2018

Fabienne's dog of the week: Hulk, ...

We saved Hulk from a terrible situation ... He was rescued from the chain, young and strong as he is now, he had been so badly neglected. Hulk has a very strong character but is unconditionally sweet and obedient to people now. He is not good with other animals. Not at all. Hulk is best placed as an only dog. He puts on a very tough face to other dogs and a strong guy like him, just don't challenge him. He has to get an owner who knows what he is taking on. American bulls are great treasures if they are raised sincerely and correctly. We are looking for an owner for him who knows the breed and can handle it! Hulk can not live at all with other dogs, the best would be someone who has a large garden, where he does not meet other animals, someone who understands that he is dominant and that he needs discipline. We only have good experiences of Hulk with people, but unfortunately it is impossible for him to interact with other animals.

For information about handsome, please click on his name Hulk

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