October 03, 2018

Fabienne's diary: My Napoleon has gone .

I hoped that the day would never come, ...
My Napoleon, my delicious tubby frog, my strong and passionate character,
My absolute soul mate, but many will say, you still have so many,
yes, and each one is dear to me, but you were just a little more than that, ...
You turned 14, you were the first Bulldog that I encountered in my life,
13, 5 ago, ... in the killing station suddenly something jumped against the back of my knees, when I looked around, I looked into two big eyes, that was you.
It was love at first sight, how I have enjoyed you, my great love for bull dogs was created by you, you
A little man you were, with a delusional madness that you took to extremes - you just knew that you could behave that way because your humor and your personality, were limitless, exceptional.

My little sweetheart, today I had to see you go, my heart breaks,
together with Max and Mozart in less than a month, it is unreal ...
It is a pain that no man understands if they have not known their four-legged friend,
you go deeper than good for us, how I am going to miss you ...
My dear Napoleon, how we loved you ... never out of our hearts, but forever deep in our minds, always, and everywhere, ... my rascal, you were part of me, but I just loved that, ...

A real Napoleon !!

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