August 04, 2018

Our beloved Helga is no longer with us ...

From Fabienne's Diary.

Helga was my mentor and my refugio mother, so to speak  ... But she is no longer with us.  This week, after a few weeks of hard struggle, she escaped from us, from this life.  She was the one who first told me about the then killing station, and brought me the facts. She pointed out what happens with the animals in Spain, behind the scenes of tourism and holidays.  Once I had seen this, my life changed and we've gone on to save more than 19,000 dog's lives.

She was my great support, my soulmate since the very first day of ACE-SHIN.  She taught me to fight, to keep on going, through the many ups and downs. We were more than family for each other, we were like-minded souls, we had the same passion.  Every day I could go to her with our daily worries, for which I am very grateful to her.  Her big wish was that I would continue to fight for each life in need. We go on with this mission, with our life's work: ACE - SHIN ... Proud and straight forward, with our heads up and always with the same aim, to find a valuable home for all our poor darling unfortunates ... Knowing that she will always be somewhere on my shoulder, my guardian angel, ... For ever in our hearts, ...

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