August 25, 2018

Darling, darling Napoleon - the first bulldog 😊

Fabienne writes:

Napoleon is the very first bull dog I rescued from the then killing station 13 years ago ... When I was talking to the owner a dog suddenly jumped onto my knees such that I lost my balance and almost fell .... well he was, Napoleon.  I did not know that breed at all but he clicked with me and since then we are inseparable. And it's then that my love of Bulldogs was born.  His name is Napoleon, strong and determined as he is .... l' amour et la force in a package! Today he is almost 14 years old ... few teeth, grey and stiff but still always together just as with a few others- the dear ones in my life. God how much we love them huh! He is now an old man who was lucky ... I wish this for all our oldies ... my Max is 18 years old on 3rd September. ... voila salukes !!

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