August 12, 2018

From Fabienne's Diary: Onda and Oda - miracles happen!


Onda and Oda, taken from the killing station, in terrible circumstances, truth to tell. It was just awful! We took them with us, if only so they could die in a dignified and human way, and not have to rot in a cold, dirty, horrible cage. Once with us it went a little better. They were riddled with worms and insects and were extremely weak. But we wanted to try to get them through. It went very slowly in the right direction, step by step and day by day. They hardly moved for a month and ate out of our hands, step by step. And then, after 1 month, they came to life. They ate better, they wagged their mini-tails and gave us lickings of gratitude. A whole revolution that we are called a miracle, because few of these puppies can be saved. After having survived a hell in a killing station where young, old, big or small you are left to your fate, because it is only to end up being killed, and where feelings are in short supply, just look at these two little angels. Now we need a nice boss with lots of love and a heart of gold.


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