August 19, 2018

Goedele Liekens visiting our shelter, ...

Goedele Liekens is a Flemish psychologist and sexologist and a well known celebrity in Belgium and Holland. A former Miss Belgium, she currently works as a television presenter in the Netherlands and  Belgium. Outside the Low Countries she is probably best known for presenting Sex in Class on the UKs Channel 4. She is a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador in the area of reproductive health. As can be seen here, she is also passionate about animals and has a big heart. 

The article below for Het Nieuwsblad BE, describes her visit to El Refugio to support her fellow citizen of Limburg, Fabienne.

Goedele Liekens visits Limburgse who saved 19,000 dogs in Spain: "Every dog ​​life that I save is still one (life saved), is it not?"

Fabienne Paques from Sint Truiden runs since 2000 an animal shelter in the Spanish Mijas. In those 18 years she has saved some 19,000 dogs, a strikingly large number. "Due to Spanish macho culture, male dogs are not 'done' here and they do not want to pay for the more expensive sterilization of bitches."

At the current pace, Fabienne could reach the total of 20,000 rescued dogs within the year. Yet she is not exactly looking forward to that sad threshold. Fabienne thinks it is high time that something changes. Spain is full of street dogs and hardly anything is done about it. "The only solution that the Spanish government offers against the inconvenience of stray dogs are the well-known 'killing stations'."

"Even people who can not or do not want to take care of their dog can have their pet finished (euthanised). Every year a total of around 200,000, apart from the dogs that are killed by owners themselves. A sterilization campaign or obligation would solve a lot. Now the mopping with the tap is open. But every dog's life that I save is yet another one, is not it? "

Fabienne personally accepts the adoptive dogs, so she can place the beasts in a targeted manner; suitable for a family with children? With a sporty jogger or with an older lady who needs peace? Adoption dogs, including those pictured here except as stated, can be found on 


Goedele with sweet Jules, one of Veerle's precious dogs. Obviously not up for adoption.

With Kiran.

With Pomsky who is no longer up for adoption

With Jones

With Fabienne and Masjoeffel

With Dundi

Pekky, one of our Galgo Espanols, is showing an interest!

Goedele and Fabienne

With Veerle

With Veerle, Fabienne, Kelly and Viktor

With Leopold

With Muti

With some of our students

With Emiel

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