February 19, 2016



Why? Why? Why? 

Why do some dogs get adopted quickly and others have to wait so long? They are all deserving of love. They are all beautiful characters. They are all longing for that warm forever home, for a boss to love them. They will return that love a thousand fold.

Gody is one of the beautiful souls who is waiting, waiting and hoping. Who will help him? Who will love him? Time is running out. He's eight years old and has been with us almost as long. Long years where he watched other dogs going off in the big silver van to the big silver plane to fly off to their forever homes. Among them his own brother Julio.

Poor Gody. Why was it never his turn? He deserves it just as much as the others. This little dog hasn't had much luck in his life. He was found in the garbage - what a terrible start. Yet, though he can be shy at first, he is a sweet boy who is longing to experience life outside the shelter with his very own family. Is that you? Will you help our darling Gody and make him the happiest dog in the world.

Gody as a puppy, when he first came to us.

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