February 18, 2016

Amigo - a forgotten dog.

Patient, loving, beautiful Amigo

In her diary Fabienne tells us the sad story of Amigo. A sweet dog, thrown out as a puppy and living in another shelter for eight long years. He's not pretty fluffy puppy nor a jumpy up 'look at me' type of dog but he's a dog with a lovely character and a beautiful face. A dog who has quietly endured his situation without complaining. A dog who deserves the best and most loving home there is.

Although our Refugio is also a shelter, it's a very different kind of shelter. Our dogs come out of their cages regularly, they are taken to the big field to run and play and some of them spend the daytimes running freely about the place. Our sweet Amigo doesn't know what to do with himself he's so happy. Imagine his joy if he finds a forever home. Imagine the joy of his new boss when he discovers this treasure of a darling.

Please help us find Amigo a loving home. Please don't let him be forgotten any more. 

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