February 20, 2016

Vrouwtjie and Juju

Hi everyone,

I'd like to send you greetings from Juju and Vrouwtje (Alasta). If people think that 'long stayers' have problems, I just want to prove the opposite here.

Or rather Juju wants to show you. Juju sat in the Refugio in Spain for a long time. I was so hoping that he would find his golden basket somewhere, but he just kept sitting there in the shelter. But then I plucked up courage and asked if he could come to me. An animal that has been in the Refugio is very special though you may have to expect them to have their own set of problems. 

Neverthless, it's important to wait and see, to discover what he is and how he reacts. I can tell everyone that Juju has been one of my easiest hondjes. Totally calm, completely happy and obedient. And soooo terribly sweet. He is satisfied with absolutely everything. If he goes for a long walk, he makes little sounds of joy, all along the way. At home he's very quiet and sweet.

So people, 'long stayers' are not necessarily problem dogs. On the contrary.

I also wanted to show here that once a sun worshiper, always a sun worshiper. I realise that they sometimes get cold while walking. But Vrouwtje is always pleased when the sun shines.  Always looking for a place where she can sit in the sunshine, in a little warm corner. So sweet.

Gerrie and her pack.

Juju - the sweetest boy.

Vrouwtje - the sun worshipper

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