February 20, 2016

Update: Coco & Captain - still waiting

A few posts ago I wrote about the little cat, Tweety, who has been reserved. I also included links to the pages of Noire, Crambell, Fire, Cala, Cassis, Coco and Captain. Now we've had a message from Sandra about Coco and Captain.

To all Ace / Shin friends,

I want to make an additional plea for someone to adopt Coco and Captain. In June I adopted Cuddle, the little brother of Captain, Coco and Cassandra.  Cassandra has also recently been adopted. I can only say that Cuddle is a fantastic animal and also has a great character. Hopefully his brothers will soon also find the happiness they deserve.


Cuddles enjoying the footie!

Snuggled up with his new sibling.

Everything is new ...

... and extremely interesting. Driving lessons next!

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