February 14, 2016


Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Dear Marijke

You're such a terribly sweet girl! So gentle, sweet and playful.
How much it hurts to have to leave you .. I enjoyed being with you enormously and learnt from you and you responded! But unfortunately, I can't stay and that makes me cry (though smiling through my tears to see your progress.)

I hope that you will find a warm basket where you get all the attention and hugs that you deserve!

Marijke's leg has healed nicely and this is obviously crucial for her well being. She is again the happy young dog she should always have been and is clearly enjoying walking now (showing some small hunting instinct.) When she's with the cats she's not very interested in them.

When Marijke finds a warm bed, this beautiful Ibizan hound will finally belong somewhere ... She loves to cuddle so! She's embedded in my heart and we have a very close bond.

I have built such a special relationship with her.

A very special relationship

A close bond.

Such a noble, Ibizian Hound.

Kisses and cuddles.

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