August 08, 2015

Yara and Gipsie - a sad tale but we hope with a happy ending.


Yara and Gipsie - their loving boss died.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Yara, a red Cocker and Gipsie, a curly cross breed, belonged to a Spanish lady who lived for her dogs. She became ill so she did everything she could to find a new boss for them, right until the last moment. She didn't succeed and one day the neighbours found her dead in her house, with her three dogs. They urgently needed to find new homes but the family didn't want them, not the children nor the aunts and uncles. Her possessions were welcome, the dogs were not!

All three were taken to the killing station. Despite the fact that their papers were in perfect order, the vaccines up to date and the chip was the name of their deceased owner, it took ages before we could free the dogs. The bureaucracy is ridiculoous! Two of the three have been rescued, the third dog died of grief and hardship. Gipsie and Yara are very sad too, they are having great difficulty coming to terms with this aprupt, painful change in their lives.

Gipsie is so scared that you can't touch him. Yara was made pregnant in the killing station and was aborted of six massive puppie- this small dog could never have survived giving birth to such big puppies.

Both dogs are very, very skinny and so sad and depressed, just inconsolable. We do our best: Yara has a very sweet and submissive character, very humble and quiet. She still has a lot to digest. They both need time and eventally a good boss to help them get over this sadness.

Gipsie - so scared.

Time will help him trust again.

The love of a good boss will help her recover.

This sweet dog and her friend, Gipsie, deserve loving homes.

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