August 31, 2015

Dear Osborne - so nearly went home

Osborne and Fabienne - they thought he was going home.

In her diary, Fabienne tells us the story of poor sweet Osborne, who so nearly had his golden basket. She fetched him from Isabelleke's because at last, this lovely boy was going to live with a forever family. He had a nice wash and was got ready for his big trip. Everyone, including Osborne, was so excited - he'd been waiting so long. And then, at the last moment, a phone call. His reservation had been cancelled. So sad, such a disappointment. 

Why does something like this happen to such a good dog? He's a lovely character, a dependent dog who is social with the other dogs. A young Bodeguero, he was dumped like trash and thrown over Isabelleke's gate. She is one of our splendid foster mummies and has lavished love and care on this little one, as she does with all the dogs in her care.

Osborne is a real cuddle bunny, he loves being petted and is always cheerful. We so want him to find a loving family, especially after this cruel setback. Please, who can help? Who can make sure that this darling soon gets another chance for a happy life with his forever family? All his details, and how to adopt him, can be found on his very own page.

Osborne - champion cuddler!

Please will you be my family?

A happy, cheerful, thoroughly sweet character.

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