August 08, 2015

At last - Casimiro and Adyn found their golden baskets but ...

.... others are still waiting. Casimiro  and Adyn were both with us a long time. No one understands why some dogs don't get noticed while others fly out of the Refugio almost immediately because they are all so gentle, so sweet and so deserving.

                             Dear Casimiro

                  Sweet Adyn

Adyn and Casimiro were among our long stayers - but happily they have both been welcomed into forever homes, where they are much loved.  But there are many more like them - dear, good dogs who are longing for their golden baskets.

This is Ozzie. He's been with us since 2009. which is extraordinary since he's such a lovely chap. He's already six years old and is in foster in Belgium. He so deserves a loving forever home. Could you take him into your family. You'd never regret it.

Our dear Contessa. She's been waiting so long - and is currently in foster in the Netherlands. She's been with us since 2012, since she was very small. She is already 3 years old. Who will give this darling a new, happy start. 

Sweet Sereno has also been waiting a long, long time. This five-year old has been with us since she was a puppy. Now in foster care in the Netherlands, he fits in well with the other dogs and is an affectionate, fun loving and dear dog. We really want to see him happy in loving forever home.

Oca, left and Pato, right. Oca is the mum, we think, and Pato her son, aged 8 and 6 respecively. They are both adorable so it's strange that they have been with for nearly five years. When they first arrived they were in a terrible state, severely neglected and terrified but now they are completely recovered and longing for forever homes.

Bright, intelligent Gody was dumped in a garbage container with his brothers and sisters in 2008, all tiny puppies. They were all adopted. Gody remains, goodness knows why he's been overlooked all these years. He's seven now, a good, kind dog. Please will someone give him the warm loving home he badly needs and deserves.

Funny, social with other dogs and with people, Cavalier has been with us since 2010 and is in foster care in the Netherlands. He's seven years old already and badly needs to have his very own family where he can relax and be happy forever.

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