May 28, 2017

Pablo - nearly there!

Pablo is a treasure of a dog, a loyal, compassionate comrade who is open and friendly to other dogs and loves to play with them. He is used to cats and doesn't upset them. At home he is calm, but if there is any excitement, he is sure to join in. He's fine to stay at home for a few hours. Pablo loves to walk, but he does not need to go for hours. If he can enjoy himself playing with you he is very satisfied with that and he stays with you. He also loves water. Maybe that's not so strange, because there's  agood dose of water dog is in him with a touch of flatcoated retriever. He walks neatly on the lead and does not pull. He's been very happy in his foster home, but just today - 28th May - he has been pre-reserved. That's wonderful, so hopefully his forever loving home is very close.

For more information, click here where you will also see some lovely videos.

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