February 23, 2017

Wieke (10960)

Our experience with ACE Charity:

As a couple, we finally arrived to the moment when we are ready to adopt a new family member and 
we have started our little adventure on the web. After many tries, e-mails and applies to different 
charities and shelters, we arrived to the point where we were close to giving up. It is hard to adopt a
dog in the Netherlands.

As our last hope, we looked for charities that worked with dogs from Spain, knowing that there are 
plenty of stray-dogs waiting for a loving home. We looked and searched and finally found the ACE 
Charity who are working hard to find loving homes for their foster dogs. We looked and looked on 
the website. It wasn’t easy to choose but finally we found Wieke. We fall in love with her immediately
by watching the videos where we could see her being so shy and scared. We decided that we wanted
to save her and give her all the love and care we could. She looked like a small soul who lost trust 
in human kind. We felt this was our purpose, to help to build that trust again!

We wrote a message and for our surprise we received an immediate answer at 11pm in the night. 
We were happy to see that the people who work at ACE are committed to their jobs and take it 

After a few messages, we received a questionnaire about our life-style and schedule on a daily basis. 
It was important to see what dog can be happy with us and adopt our rhythm.Shortly after we sent 
the questionnaire back, we got scheduled for a home visit with a Dutch lady from the charity. She 
came to us one afternoon and went through the questions again and explained some important 
information about the procedure, and introduced the good news: that we were suitable for Wieke and
as soon as we paid the cost of the transport, they would schedule a flight to bring our baby girl 
to us from Spain.

We were the happiest couple on Earth, and couldn’t wait the day for her to arrive.
For our biggest surprise, we received an early phone call about the arrival of Wieke. A week passed 
after the meeting and Wieke was on our way. We rushed to the airport, in a rented car, the day she 
landed in the Netherlands, and finally could hold her in our hands.

Since then we are a happy family and the little shy Wieke now is more open to us and even started to 
like us (she licks our hand from time to time) and learnt the beauty of walking.

She makes us happy each and every day!

A big thank you ACE Charity! You are the best!


Olivia Madarasz

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