February 25, 2017

Don't buy - dogs are suffering because people buy from unscrupulous breeders

People who insist on buying a puppy without doing any research are creating their own misfortune.

TV presenter and animal lover Chris Dusauchoit looks ahead to the Pano-dog story about trafficking in Eastern Europe. "People want their puppy today and don't ask questions, the questions they should be asking.They walk right into their misfortune and their puppy suffers too. "

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'Mensen die per se vandaag nog een pup mee naar huis willen, lopen recht in hun ongeluk'
Tv-presentator en dierenliefhebber Chris Dusauchoit blikt vooruit naar de Pano-reportage over hondenhandel in Oost-Europa. 'Mensen willen hun puppy vandaag nog en stellen geen vragen. Ze lopen recht in hun ongeluk en hun pupje loopt mee.'
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