February 23, 2017

A message about Sammie

On 5th February he came into our lives as Archimedes 12840. We already have two dogs and it seemed fun to have a another one. We have had three dogs in the past, until recently. We always have shelter dogs and choosing via the Internet is a great idea. A careful search for the newcomer will ensure that the new dog will feel fine in it's new life.

So when we saw Sammie at the site of ACE, pictures and a movie (where you can see a lot) and the description, well, this was the dog we fell for.

Suddenly it went fast, Sammie was going to come with the next flight. Fortunately, he was lovingly collected by a host family and we could even settle a few things to prepare for him and quickly make any necessary appointments. After an exciting week we were introduced to Sammie. And oh what a sweetie.

Our dogs John (Markiesje crossing male 6.5 years) and Bieke (springer spaniel bitch 13 years) are very easy with other dogs. We let them meet on the street and then went along our house. The first few days were difficult for John, he wanted to be good but could not share his spot. As far as I could see it was attention and food that was the biggest problem. With some guidance that solved the problem as we hoped. John accepted Sam and Bieke was watching and sees that it goes well.

Now I see dogs fooling around with each other, sleeping next to each other, without my being able to hear even a murmur while I'm preparing food in the kitchen, and sharing their bones knuckles. Sammie is an incredible personality with a sweet character; he responds very well to instructions. We're going to give him a wonderful life in our pack, that is our goal and we will enjoy having him in our family.


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