February 12, 2017

Dolce and Gabanna: a love story with a happy ending

Dolce (Bonnie) and Gabbana (Clyde)

A happy ending for two soulmates..

Dolce (Bonnie) and Gabbana (Clyde)

Together again!

Dumped by a heartless gypsy, they sat together in one of the most feared killingstations in our district. Dolce had already given birth to three puppies, one had died already by the time we were able to rescue them. And sadly the other two also died. Dolce is sweetness itself, very social girl, a darling girl who gives the lie to people who think that Staffies are 'tough' - she's the opposite. Gabbana is very strong but he too  has a golden charaacer. He is sweet with people and good with other dogs but he needed an owner who could handle his strength.

These two needed to be together. They had always been together. Sadly it didn't happen. Dolce was quickly adopted and was treated like a princess. Poor Gabbana stayed behind with us. He had a hard time, poor boy. He mourned for his wife. He was reserved, but the prospective adopters were not right for him.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. Dolce's owners decided to adopt him too. A more beautiful thing couldn't have happened. And a short time ago they were reunited. Their reunion was more than heartwarming - it brought tears to everyone's eyes - and since then they both so happy, living together under one roof, their sad past behind them. Their new, kind and generous adopters tell us that everything is going really well with Dolce, who is now called Bonnie. And Clyde, Gabbana's new name. They love each other and are inseperable. He is such a sweetheart - both dogs are similar in playfulness, they are really so evenly matched because all these two do is play, play and sleep and play again. '

Their lovely owners write ....

Gabbana (now Clyde) and Dolce (now Bonnie) are doing very well.
They are crazy about each other and inseparable. He is a sweetheart and prefers to lie on top of you even when there is a lot of empty space on the sofa, haha.
They are both very playful because the only thing they do is play, sleep for a bit and then play again. We don’t need a t.v. anymore!
They are a great team together 

Dolce (Bonnie) and Gabbana (Clyde)

Sooo happy!

Dolce (Bonnie) and Gabbana (Clyde)


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