August 01, 2022

Saturday 24 September - MINI ACE DAG - Ugchelen & Sunday 25 September - MINI SHIN DAG - Overijseleestenloseweg

 Monday 1st August, 2022

Finally it has come. After 2 years it is back. The ACE & SHIN day. Admittedly in a mini form with a dog walk as the main programme, but in the presence of Fabienne and some "Spanish" employees.

Translation below.

Mini ACE wet nose walk 
Hunderloseweg 191

Registration obligatory

Entry 6 euros per person.

Walks start at 11 hr, 13 hr, 15 hr

Food and drink available at  Bospaviljoen t' Leesten

Translation below.

Reunion with the Spanish team

Mapped out walks

Demonstrations with police dogs

All dogs welcome

Social gathering with snacks and drinks

Participation 6 euros per person

Please register in advance via

For the ACE day and how to register, go to:

Look for the SHIN day at:

We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Team ACE | SHIN 

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