May 29, 2022

What is the difference between a Galgo and a Podenco?

Sunday 29th May, 2022

 Someone described this very nicely today and gave this example: 

Imagine visiting a safe, fenced-in area where the little dogs can run free. This is what happens:


The Galgos run a few very fast laps. The Podencos greet every dog, every person, every tree and every blade of grass with an endless variety of body language and facial expressions.

The first 5 minutes:

The Galgos run a few more very fast laps. The Podencos dig up hidden critters, roll through every muddy pit of unknown origin and do a few small quick laps.

The next 10 minutes:

The Galgos assume an elegant posture and look around to take in their surroundings.

The Podencos, meanwhile, have rounded up at least 3 "normal" dogs (type Labrador or shepherd) and convinced them that digging, chasing mice etc. is the most fun a dog can have. 

From that moment on, you get angry looks from the owners of those "normal" dogs. They came well prepared with treats, toys and whistles etc. and are afraid that their champions will now forget all their learned skills.

The next 10 minutes:

The Galgos run another lap and then go back to posing. Graciously they allow to be stroked, after which they continue to observe their surroundings. Meanwhile, the Podencos have laid the foundations for a large pond. They have discovered two unknown species of mice and added at least three new builders to their group.

It starts to rain:

The Galgos have had enough. Their body language and facial expressions are clear: Pathetic, neglected, completely miserable. The Podencos are happy: mud digs much better than dry ground.

The journey back home:

Everyone is happy. One of them smells a bit strange.

A little later during the journey back home:

One of the Podencos vomits.

At home:

Towels for the Galgos, shower for the Podencos.  Angry looks from all of them. Shower for the owner.

During the shower of the owner:

Deep sleep for the Podencos. The Galgos steal everything from the kitchen counter and from the kitchen cupboards.

It was soooo boring on the playground.

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