May 14, 2022

On behalf of our Maurice, Toad, Wario and the whole ACE SHIN family, here's to a happy week end!

 Saturday 14th May 2022

Hello. I'm Maurice ... Im a super sweet, strong boy. Some people are a bit scared of Rottweilers, which may be why I'm still in a kennel at ACE after a whole year. You needn't be scared of me ... just look at my video with Mitch when he stayed in my cage for 24 hours. You can see how nice and gentle I am and how much I love to play with my ball. It's true I would like a strong but kind owner who understands my breed and who is not scared of me. Could that be you? I will be loyal to you forever and love you to the end of time. If you click on my name below my photo, you can read more about me.

Love Maurice XXX

My name is Toad. English people will probably find that a funny name for a dog, but I'm not supposed to be called Sapo, which is Spanish for Toad. So I'm just Toad ... hello. I'm a Mastin Espanol, which means I will become quite a big boy, as I'm only 10 months old now. I've been at the Refugio for about 6 months, so since I was quite a small puppy.  I am a gentle, good natured fellow and I'll love you to pieces. Could you find a place in your heart for me? Please. To find out more, please click on my name under my photo.

This is Wario. He's a lucky boy because after spending 6 weeks with us he's been reserved. This means that he'll be going home soon, once all the home visits and checks are done. Wario is a beautiful cross Labrador and at only ten months old he can now get the loving, fresh start in life that all dogs deserve.

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