September 05, 2021

Yay! Teddy Edward wins the 'Best in Show'.

Sunday 5th September 2021

Yesterday I entered Teddy Edward (ACE Dunde) in our Village Show. The first time we've been able to have one for two years. I thought I would try to enter Teddy but wasn't sure: he's much better than he used to be, so calm now, but I knew there would be a lot of dogs around so I thought I would see how he reacted and if he seemed distressed I would take him away.

There were a lot of dogs. A lot of dogs. Big ones, tiny ones, pedigree one, scruffy ones and quite a few lively puppies with young children who were not in control. But Teddy remained calm despite a few mild  'don't you come too close to me' actions if some got too much in his face. Perfectly natural.

We entered the 'Cutest Dog' section, without any expectations. There were a lot of very cute dogs, including a 2 month old puppy with a tiny child. I was sure they would win. And then there was Basil. Basil is famous in our village - he's still a puppy but a big puppy. A big, white, exuberant, long haired puppy who was rescued from Romania last year.  

To my surprise, Teddy was called out along with Basil and the tiny puppy. Even greater surprise, the puppy was third, Basil was second ... and Teddy won!!! I decided to stay and watch the 'Waggy Tail' contest, the 'Scruffiest Dog' contest and the 'Tricks' contest. When they were over another unexpected turn of events. It seemed the winners were to compete for 'Best in Show'.

And Teddy won that too. I hadn't realised there would be prizes - but there were. Teddy got a smart Trophy, a 'Best in Show' rosette to add to his 'First Prize' rosette. And a free grooming session from our village groomer, Keith. I am so proud of Teddy - even more than the prizes, which are great, I am so proud of his calm behaviour. We have done a lot of training and while he still indifferent to other dogs, he is mostly calm around them. This was a real test and he passed it with flying colours.

He got some of my 'hog roast' at the fare and chicken for tea for being such a very good boy 😊❤️


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