September 14, 2021

Bas and I have been together for 6 years.

 Saturday September 11, 2021

Hi Ace friends and girlfriends,

On 11-9-2021 Basje has been with me for 6 years and he will be exactly 8 ½ years.

When he was transferred at Schiphol, a heavy medicine was brought with him for the results with which he came out of the killing station. It was almost cured, but he had to finish the cure. After that you will never have to take medication again. We go to the vet once a year for the necessary injections. And he has been checked twice for Leismania. Fortunately negative.


  Andrew (10509) Just before going to the airport and then being renamed Basje.

 After a few months it was all over and he had become completely different, naughty and self-assured so I quickly went to dog training with him.

We walk a lot because Bas can't stand driving. No matter what I tried, it will never become his hobby. And I'd rather not use pills. So we just do almost everything on foot. This was the reason that we stopped after the basic course because Bas sometimes vomited under the car. But it was also enough. The foundation was laid and he got along well with the other dogs.


And after the exertion, my lord lies regally resting.

Other than that nothing really bothers him. Well….nothing! He doesn't like strange men. There is a bench in the room and only when strange people come, e.g. a mechanic who has to repair something, he goes in with the door closed. I don't want to risk him snapping.

So we are almost always together. He is my shadow. Wherever I sit in the house with the kitchen as his favorite. He also knows where to find his basket in the bedroom. Spoiled? So yeah, we're just together. Sometimes, if there is no other option, he is with the neighbor. And there, too, he is horribly spoiled.

Walk four times a day with the longest walk in the morning of about 5 to 6 km. And from October 1 loose on the beach at the lake we have here. Now that is a piece of off-leash area where few dogs come.

I hope to enjoy many more years with him. He really is my buddy. But considering my age also the last dog.

From the age of 11 I was allowed to take care of them, then automatically under supervision. And later, as an employee of the Kynlogen Club, I also learned a few things.

                                                                        This is Bass now.

I would like to thank Ace and Fabienne very much that from 2004 I was able to have 2 x a great buddy.

Until next time. Belia and Basje

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