September 17, 2021

Urgently wanted shelter (or adoption) for Donatello 13765

 Wednesday, September 15, 2021

15-9-2021: Donatello is a feisty and fierce dog, who so far has not made it easy on himself. A few months ago, he was finally able to join a nice foster family, where they worked very hard to manage his behaviour outside and his vigilance towards visitors. But he can't stay there any longer because he keeps attacking one of the foster family's dogs. Despite efforts to manage this properly, the other dog is starting to suffer quite a bit. So we are looking urgently for another place for Donatello. 

He is really very sweet and very affectionate towards his (temporary) owners, but we are really looking for people who know how to handle such a fierce little rascal. Donatello is not good with cats, not with small children, but with other dogs, but they must be stable and be able to put him in his place if necessary. Preferably also in a quiet environment, because this male does not like stimuli from traffic. With the right people, in the right place, he really is a lot of fun. Who likes a challenge and will help us and Donatello out of the fire?

For more information  about dear Donatello, please click on his name.

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