September 08, 2021


 Monday September 6, 2021

Hi Fabienne,

Maybe you don't recognize me anymore because you see and help so many of my canine friends, but last November I (Barney) was still with you in southern Spain. On November 10 you and a lot of friends put us in a van and we drove first to Belgium and then to the Netherlands. I am very happy with my new owners and I lack nothing! I can even sleep in their bedroom.

I am now with my owners back in southern Spain in the province of Murcia; it was quite a journey, but I had the whole back seat to myself! My owners had booked an overnight stay in 3 places along the way, so that we didn't have to drive too much. And along the way we stopped every 2 hours for a nice walk, to drink and have something to eat.

I had to get used to the temperatures in Spain again and I prefer to stay in the shade a bit. I've been in the pool twice, but I still feel best on the side. My owners sometimes try to lure me, but then I lie down under the bushes.

Next April I will come back to Spain, then I will also visit Marion and Paul McCartney, who have looked after me so well. Of course they don't know this yet, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell them too. Maybe I can come over and show you how well I can listen and how well I am being looked after.

Greetings from Barney

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