March 01, 2020

Peterpan: a "disposable" bull with health problems.

Meet Peterpan

Peterpan was rescued from the killing station. A bulldog that had had a tough life, we think, though we will never know the full story. The sad fact is that he is "disposable" because he is sick and has a heart problem as well as an eye problem. And there he is -a  nine year old 'crazy' bull.

Why crazy? (apart from being a lovely bull that is 😊). Crazy because for all those years of shared joys and sorrows with his owner, through all the storms and summers they went through together, he was dumped. He was crazy about his owners, you can still see that now because he is sad, so sad.  He hardly eats and his eyes are hollow. He really doesn't want to go on anymore.

Because he was dumped at the killing station, he had no medicine for a while, neither drops for his eyes, nor food or fresh water. As far as they were concerned he didn't need that anymore. It wasn't worth bothering. He didn't understand what was happening or what had happened to him, ... In those eyes you read more than you want to know, you see the deep hurt in this little man's soul.

Who will take this Bulletje to heart, for a little while - or maybe for a while. We can't offer any certainty about that. He needs medication, eye drops and whatever else, so it's important to keep that in mind. He's a dog that needs care and entails high veterinary costs, you can't ignore that. Maybe once his medication has finished or stabilised it will be better, but we can never give any certainty. Yet this sweetheart is so worth it.. He is indescribably sweet and grateful, social with other dogs, a sweetheart in need. Who will open their heart to him?

For more information about Peterpan, please click on his name.

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