March 07, 2020

Bodegueros: little, smiling clowns

Friday, March 6, 2020

We want to put this Spanish breed in the spotlight. Because the Bodeguero is such a wonderful breed of dog, one that deserves to be better known and appreciated.

How it started…

At the end of the 17th century, English sherry traders, who had their own wine warehouses in and around Jerez de la Frontera, brought Fox Terriers into Spain. They were then crossed with local varieties. After all, the wine warehouses (bodegas) were teeming with rats and mice, and there was great demand for good rodent hunters. The breed is mainly white, because the dog is therefore clearly visible in the dark wine cellars and warehouses. The dog often has long nails, to be able to grasp its prey well.

A Bodeguero as a breed

Bodeguero's have an average height of 40 cm at the withers, and thus come to a little below the knee. They weigh around 9 kilos. Their smooth-haired coat needs little care, and they have very few health and physical problems. Bodeguero's love life and they radiate that. They are fun, happy and above all very social. Together they want to discover the world with you, they are after all working dogs, and so they like to have action, preferably with you. They are known for quickly adapting to their new environment, and they will receive your visitors very nicely.

They are agile and inquisitive dogs. They don't get nervous or annoying if they don't take long walks, but their muscular body can handle a good walk, and most of all they like it! Bodeguero's are also lovely lap dogs, they feel at ease and like to crawl next to you on the couch. They love a hug from the boss. With children they generally get along well, because they like to play. In short, a Bodeguero is very nice and wonderful companion.

We notice that the Bodeguero's in our refugio often have to wait a long time for adoption. They seem to be less appealing to people. Very bizarre, because Flippy, Benetto, Ultimo, Uriel, Abubu, Aramis, Kadee, Olivier, Mico, Tufito, Dama, Poe, Bombilla, Arena and Chula would love to find a nice home ... (in the photos: Olivier, Chula and Dama).

Bodegueros are the sweetest natured, funniest, loving little dogs you could find anywhere. Please give them a chance. For more information on these sweet dogs, please click on their photos.

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